The Real Truth About the Fake Handbags

You might wonder: What’s wrong with purchasing products that are not authentic? Does ブランド服コピー ? Do we care about if our blogger friend has an Gucci or a snarky grin?
In this post, I’ll begin by providing some legal definitions. There is no need to learn the legal language. However, this knowledge is vital for understanding counterfeiting and copyright infringement. The aim of this post is to raise awareness about the seriousness of this problem.
The reason that the manufacturing and selling of counterfeit merchandise is illegal is because it’s against trademark and copyright law. Current legislation governing trademarks within the United States of America is the Lanham Act which prohibits trademark dissolution and trademark infringement.
Trademarks could refer to names, phrases, or designs that are used to identify manufacturing companies or other sources of products. Trademarks allow the public to discern the product of one manufacturer from those of another. It’s unlawful to allow anyone else to use the same trademark registered by you when you apply for one at the Patent and Trademark Office.