Champion Pro Cut Jerseys – A few examples of Fakes

Champion Pro Cut Jerseys: A few examples of We will look at fake Champion Pro-Cut jerseys. We are going to focus on some Toronto Raptors Tracy McGrady rookies. The Raptors champion jerseys of the 1990s are in great demand due to their fame. nhl jerseys website The demand for jerseys is high, which means that prices are higher. Then, fakes are much often more prevalent when prices are rising. One of the most popular counterfeits found on Ebay is the Tracy McGrady Toronto Raptors Rookie jersey. soccer jerseys custom name and number McGrady was the first pick straight out of high school from the Toronto Raptors with the ninth most important selection from the 1997 NBA draft. mens rugby shirts sale One thing to take note of in McGrady’s rookie years 1997-1998 is the fact that Nike was McGrady’s primary source of uniforms. From 1997 to 1998, Champion couldn’t make Raptor replicas. They were unable to produce the Raptors Authentic and Pro Cut jerseys. Any Champion Pro Cut Tracy McGrady jersey is, therefore, counterfeit. Here’s a replica of the game worn McGrady rookie jersey made by Nike to be used as a guide: